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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nick Stahl Dallas Comic Show 2017

Nick Stahl bust on the scene in A Man without a Face with Mel Gibson.  Then most Sci Fi geeks will remember from him Terminator 3. The wife and I remember him from Carnivale that aired on HBO in 2003.

As he signed my photo, I told how much I enjoyed the show.  Even with a large talented set of actors, he said that it just never found an audience.  I mentioned I think it was too soon.  It was the trailblazer.  It was a ‘weird’ show and people weren’t ready for that 14 years ago.  Now, after 7 seasons of True Blood and 7 seasons of Games of Thrones the audience would have been demanding more. 

But on the other hand, if Carnviale didn’t happen, maybe True Blood would have been cancelled because it was the trailblazer.


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