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I realized my labels or tags are not as efficient as could be.  I tried to add some more groupings. Hope this makes the blog more enjoyable.

Tag Name
ACC Austin ComicCon
AHS American Horror Story actor
AlamoDH Alamo Draft House signing
Aliens Aliens actor
Arrow Arrow actor
AWBBDL Amanda the Warner Brothers Bag Dress Lady
Books signed Books
BSG Battlestar Galatica
Buffy Buffy the Vampire Slayer
C2E2 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo
CC Creation Convention
CosPlay Cosplayers
DCC Dallas ComicCon
DCPE Dallas Comic and Pop Expo
DFD Dallas Fan Days
DIFF Dallas Independent Film Festival
DrWho Dr Who actor
DSFE Dallas Sci Fi Expo
FED Fan Expo Dallas
Firefly Firefly actor
Flash Flash actor
GMT Good Morning Texas
GoT Game of Thrones actor
Gotham Gotham actor
HarryPotter Harry Potter actor
HOTC Heart of Texas ComicCon
Lost Lost actor
LostGirl Lost Girl Actor
LSC3 Lone Star Con 3
Majestic Majestic Theater appearance
Marvel Marvel actor
misc NOT autograph related
MLBN MLB Network
NSCC National Sports Collectors Card Show
Poker poker players
PSA  Professional Sports Authenticators
RACI Risks, Assumptions, Constraints, and Issues
RHPS Rocky Horror Picture Show
RSCC Rose City ComicCon
RT Romantic Times
SCC Space City ComicCon
SDCC San Diego Comic Con
Spartacus Spartacus actor
StarGate Stargate actor 
StarTrek Star Trek actor
StarWars Star Wars actor
SUPER Supernatural actor
SyFy Show on Sci Fi channel
T2 Terminator 2 actor
TAH Thrilling Adventure Hour
TCC Texas ComicCon
TFW Texas Frightmare Weekend
TrueBlood True Blood actor
TTM Through the  Mail
USAFF USA Film Festival
UTA University of Texas Arlington
WalkingDead The Walking Dead actor
Warehouse13 Warehouse 13 actor
WF Who Fest
WorldCon World Science Fiction Convention
WSC Walker Stalker Con
WW Wizard World
Xfiles X-Files actor
ZNation Z Nation actor

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