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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Benedict Wong SDCC 2018

In the past, I have more or less posted the autographs in the order I obtained them. This year, I’m unorganized.  I moved everything upstairs and I’m still trying to figure out where things go. I’m temporarily short on work space. I’m not going to be so anal this time. I’m going to post things that make a dent in the clutter more than chronological order.

I was actually surprised to see Benedict Wong in the Sails Pavilion doing a public signing. I’m also surprised he didn’t have a longer line.  He was friendly and he had an English accent. He was very serious about no photos unless you paid for them a selfie.  With a smile he got up and hid behind the convention booth piping as a fan tried to sneak a photo. He didn’t come out until the fan put the camera away.

We talked about The Martian and his character and estimates to fix a problem.  The selection of photos was mostly Dr Strange. The one photo from The Martian wasn’t very good but I like the one I got.


Monday, August 13, 2018

SDCC 2018 recap

My first SDCC was 2005.  I know it was 2005 because I attended the Lost panel. Josh Holloway and Maggie Grace was there. My primary goal for that ComicCon was to get Ray Bradbury’s autograph. I succeeded.

That was a different era. I bought my badge 5 or 6 weeks before that show. I had enough miles to fly for free. I stayed with a college buddy and didn’t have to pay for a hotel room. Parking was a breeze. There was no camping out. You could decide to go to Hall H at the spur of a moment. After you realized that was a boring panel, you could go to Ballroom 20 to see if that was more interesting.  If that was a bust, you could check in on Room 6BCF before the hour was over.

Since 2005, I attended every year but one. Work told me I was needed and could not have the time off. That happened about 2 weeks before the show. By my count that is 13 ComicCons I attended. 

When I told the wife that, she said it seemed like a lot more. In a way, it is.  SDCC is not a show you spend a few minutes thinking about and then go. It’s a big monstrous event.  You consume a lot of time researching various sites, message boards, and twitter accounts. You are looking for something that others might not know. You are looking for some info to help you decide if doing ‘A is a better idea than doing ‘B’. Over the years, the amount of research has been reduced as I narrowed my scope but it still a lot of time.

That is not counting the ramp up in emotions to get a Badge that occurs between Oct and Feb. Nor the ramp up and frustration of trying to get a hotel room in the hotel raffle. SDCC is always on your mind.

Enough ruminations of SDCC Past. There is no friendly ghostly Toucan guiding me on my journey.

2018 was an interesting year.

About 2-week before the show, I switched hotels. There was a chance opening and I jumped. We got a room in the Marriot Marque and Marina. It’s next to the convention center. It was a great upgrade.  Hotel room to Expo floor: 10 minutes.

About 4 days before the show, I got a cold (fever, shakes, lots and lots and LOTS of snot). I went to the Dr and he gave me some meds. I was sick the whole time but it was manageable. 2 weeks after SDCC, I’m still recovering.

Yes, I was Patient Zero for ConCrud 2018. I did not see all of the people I usually visit and chat with. Others, I saw but kept my distance. Unfortunately, the proletariats were ground zero. Sorry guys.

Because of the ‘new and improved’ autograph raffle system, I did not need to sleep on the sidewalk all night. I got about 6 hours of sleep each night…in a bed; which was needed because of the cold. But that new system yielded only 1 cast signing from WB and Fox. I normally get 6 or 7 a year.

This year I focused on books and a few odds and ends I previously ignored because I was focused on WB and Fox autographs.  This year I met some new people (hopefully at a ConCrud safe distance) that I hope to see again soon.

The pluses:

Sleep in a bed and not the sidewalk

A close hotel

Saw my SDCC buddies

Saw lots of friends and acquaintances

Meeting some new people

The Beatles were in vogue (Alex Ross, Mattel, and Titan Comics)

The negatives:

The autograph raffle

My cold

Not seeing some of the friends and acquaintances

Getting to be an old fuddy duddy


Monday, August 6, 2018

Joe Bob Briggs Alamo Draft House June 2018

You say you don’t know who Joe Bob Briggs is? You must one of ‘those people’ that only watches artsy fartsy movies. He was/is a host of a movie show that caters to less than stellar cinematic endeavors.  Think of Elvira or Rhonda Shear but male and ‘country’.  When I first moved to Texas he had a show on one of the back-water channels and I think he even did reviews in the local paper.

Of course, when I saw that he was appearing at Alamo Draft House, I knew I had to get an autograph. He was friendly and nice and was harpy to add him to the collection.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Garrick Hagon Madness Comics June 2018

Madness Games and Comics has become a nice source for Star Wars actors.  This time Garrick Hagon was signing for fans. He was friendly and signing all types of memorabilia. I was happy I got my photo signed and he added, ‘Red 3 standing by’. I love it!


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

John Travolta and Kelly Preston – Gotti Screening Dallas

John Travolta and Kelly Preston were coming to town for a movie screening of Gotti.  I’m not as plugged into the autograph scene as I should be. While I find out about this event late, I still had enough time to print some photos and get down to the movie theater.

I won’t lie, there was a lot of exitement about this signing and a lot of hounds were waiting.  I’ll skip over the details of frustrated tempers, the omnipresent cicada sound of paint pens being shaken in an attempt sooth the nerves, and the rudeness/arrogance that almost stopped the signing before it started.

When the big van stopped at the theater, one of the security guys hopped off the van and walked a few steps toward us and told us that John would not sign ‘now’ but would after the move. They were in a hurry and John did not want to rush.

When John and Kelly stepped out of the Van, they waved and said the same thing. They assured us that they would met us. This was very fan friendly and, at last for me, reduced the anxiety about a successful night.

When the movie was close to being done, the theater manager brought us inside to a red carpet area. They had set up stanchions and had several of Dallas Finest telling us to relax and not cross the barrier.

After the movie, John and Kelly left the theater and ducked into a side room to do some interviews but again they promised to come out and spend some time with us. During the 30 minute wait, Kelly popped out of the room with a cookie and handed it to a 4 year girl that was waiting with the hounds. It was late and she knew the kid hadn’t eaten in a long time.

When John came out he waved and walked to the end of the stanchions and started posing for photos and signing.  Kelly joined the fray about half way down the line.  They both were gracious and took their time and signed and posed for just about everyone.  They were there about 30 minutes.

I got the one item signed by John and left the mush pit.  I brought 2 photos but when I decided to enter the fray again, it was too late. I didn’t get close enough get the second photo signed. I’m happy with what I got. It’s something different and very ‘me’.