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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Book of Bob Fett’s Cad Bane and Paz Vizla Order 66 Toys May 2022

Order 66 Toys recently had 2 actors that were in Book of Boba Fett. I’m assuming there were making their way to Star Wars Celebrations in Anaheim.  Order 66 will have people in now and then for autographs. It’s a nice store. Lots of merchandize. The people are friendly.  The signings are relaxed and the actors always seem willing to chat.

I paid when I entered the store. Then I got a piece of paper to give to the handler.

First off was Dorian Kingi, who is the man in the Cad Bane costume. He is tall and thin. He had a strong grip but didn’t crush my hand. We did the normal chit chat but then he shared an anecdote about being on set with the gun master (I’m sure I have the name wrong). He was told they needed to train him to do some western style quick draws with his side arm.  He took the weapon and expertly pulled it and did a few flourishes.  The gun master smiled and said, yeah, just like that and left.  Dorian had trained with guns since he was a child.  Then we chatted about his character and how Cad was portrayed in the Star Wars The Clone wars. He was a vey nice guy.

Next was Tait Fletcher. He was the man in Paz Vizsla costume. He’s a big muscular guy. His shaved head and tattoos would be intimidating if he wasn’t so outgoing. We started talking BBJ, baldness, Chris Rock/Will Smith and Star Wars.  He had me laughing a few times as he chatted.

Both had quotes ready to add to the photos. They seemed happy to be out and greeting fans.


Monday, May 16, 2022

David Acord – Madness Games and Comics May 2022

Baby Yoda has swept the world. So I felt obliged to get an autograph of the ‘voice’ of Grogu.   Now I’ll admit, I’m not sure if David Acord is the voice or the person that electronically creates the voice but I went to Madness Games and Comic and handed over my money and got my signature.

It was quick and painless. David smiled and confirmed the color and where I wanted the signature. He handed me back my photo and I went on my merry way.


Friday, May 13, 2022

Jennifer Rubin Texas Frightmare 2022

I enjoyed the movie Screamers. I‘ll admit, I missed the first 5-10 minutes of it at the theater. I was plopped into the movie and had to puzzle out some of it as I watched. The movie made an impression.

Jennifer Rubin was a ‘must’ get at this show. I got into Jennifer’s line. It moved slowly as she was chatty. She didn’t have a handler to help prep the next person in line or take the money. It slowed the process add a layer of complication.

I got a big smile from her when I got to the front of the line.  I selected the photo from Screamers. She pointed to another photo that had Peter Weller in it. She mentioned that were actively working on the script each day. There were lots of changes. She just told them to let her know what they needed and she’d do it.

She signed the photo and I started to step away. Then she asked me something. I THOUGHT she asked if I wanted selfie.  I said, no, that’s okay. Then I saw the very puzzled look on her face. I stopped and asked her to repeat. She asked if paid.  Very different question. I blushed. She laughed. She said, she needed to try that sometime.

Person 1: Did you pay?

Person 2: No, that’s okay.

Person 1:…huh…

Pretty funny in hindsight. I quickly fished the money from my pocket and handed it to her.


Thursday, May 12, 2022

Brooke Bundy Frightmare 2022

As I looked through IMDB for Brooke Bundy’s career, she was in a million shows I have watched as I grew up. It is surprising she was not in Star Trek, the original series. She was in Next Gen though. I originally wanted to get a photo from that show. She had two photos on her table that I thought about. However, each had another character prominent in the shot. So, I changed direction and choose the simple and elegant photo from Mod Squad.

After she signed, she mentioned the false eyelashes.  I smiled. She said she couldn’t do that now. I said times have changed. And the false eyelashes are even bigger. Then I brought up people wore wigs aback then. She laughed and agreed. She added, people wore them everywhere.

It was very nice meeting her.


Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Shannon Kook Texas Frightmare 2022

Shannon Kook was in The 100. I really enjoyed that series. It did wander through a second nuclear apocalypse and destroying another culture or two on the way to the finale.

Shannon was friendly and he mentioned that after Bob Markey left the show, the story line and scripts were changed. His character involvement to the main plot was altered. It’s always interesting to learn how fluid a story arc can be – even after scripts are written.


Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Alice Krige Texas Frightmare 2022

While a lot of fans liked the Texas Frightmare guest list, there were very few autographs I got there. For me, a lot of the people were repeats, either from this show or from other conventions I attended.

However, I was excited about Alice Krige. I did want a photo of her as the Borg Queen. When I got to Frightmare, I went to Alice’s line first. The line moved slowly but she was chatting with everyone. She was friendly and talkative.

I liked one of her table photos but I was concerned about how the signature would look with a silver sharpie. That concern was resolved by the couple in front of me. They had a beautiful black and while poster from Sleepwalkers. They asked about the white paint pen she had. After a brief discussion, she signed.  The signature looked great. I asked for the same pen for my photo.

When she was done, I mentioned I really enjoyed The OA. She asked if I really liked it. I paused. Wondering if others didn’t like it or the way I mentioned it, it sounded like I didn’t like it. I told her I liked it a lot. I thought the 3rd season probably should have had her in it a lot. Then I asked if she only got her lines each week or she knew what was happening for the whole season.  Then she said they had 8 seasons mapped out. She knew not only the current season but had an idea about future seasons too. Everyone was shocked when the series was cancelled. A shame.

I thanked her and dove into the masses for the next quest.


Monday, May 9, 2022

Dallas Comic Show April 2022

My Brother in Law (BiL) was in town. Did you know I had a BiL? I knew I had one. I don’t see him often. So it’s not surprising you didn’t know.

Ah, I hear you ask, why was he in town? Because the Sister in Law was in town. I’m sure that answers all of the questions, huh?  I have no idea why she was in town. I found it best to not ask too many questions.

While they were in town (along with their daughter), we did the local touristy things you do when relatives are in town. Yes, that means, I dragged the BiL to the Dallas Comic Show in Lewisville.  I told him it would be a quick side trip.  If I took more than 30 minutes, I’m was doing something wrong. (I’m sure the promotors of the show HATE to hear that. They want me there for hours and spending lots of money.)

As we walked in, I saw Diane Salinger walking away from her table. I mentioned to the BiL, she was one of the people I wanted. I guess she heard me as she did a 180 and we ended up walking back the table together.

Can I admit, I totally forgot about the BiL? I just abandoned him in a strange Mall and in a strange land of Nerds.  He was surrounded by people that probably could name every MCU movie in order but couldn’t make change for a dollar as they only use Venmo.  

I became hyper focused on obtaining my autographs. All else blurred into the background.  There was nothing else…

Yes, my name is AH and I am an autograph addict…

But back to the story…Diana and I arrived at her table together. I knew she wanted to be on break. I didn’t want to take up her time. I scanned the photos she had laid out. And choose the one from Deep Space Nine. I paid for the autograph and she signed. When she was done, I mentioned the TV show Salem. She had a minor re-occurring character. She asked if I liked it. I loved it. She mentioned it was fun but it was odd that it was on WGN. It was more of a cable type show. I agreed.

Next up was Aaron Schwartz. As with most kid actors, he didn’t look the same all grown up. He was friendly.

Lastly, I got John Morris. And if Aaron didn’t look as expected, then there was no way that John would be recognized. He was the voice of Andy from the Toy Story moves. That’s right, he did NOT look like a cartoon.

Then I was done. Just shy of 15 minutes. My hyper focus faded and I remembered I had abandoned the BiL to the wilds of a comiccon. I looked around the immediate area. No BiL.

I didn’t want to move too quickly incase he was looking for me. So I stood where I was for a minute. Just looking for the Lost BiL. I knew there would be hell to pay if I came home with less people then I went out with.

I slowly ventured in the vendor area. Checking each person in each booth. As I got deeper into the convention, I worried that maybe he wandered off.  However, before I had to call The Wife and explain that her Sister was now a widow, I saw the BiL talking to a t-shirt guy about his wares.

I exhaled deeply. I hadn’t realized I was holding my breathe. As I causally sauntered over, the BiL looked up with a smile. I figured it was best to act like nothing had happened. I don’t think he even noticed that he was lost and no one could find him. That was for the better. If he mentioned anything on the ride home, we would stop to get ice cream to keep him quiet.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Terry Bradshaw It’s only a Game 2001

This is another inherence. I had originally given this book to an Uncle. He was a HUGE Eagles fan. He knew a lot about football. When football players were signing in Dallas, I would get items for him.

I had gotten 2 books signed by Terry Bradshaw. One for me and one for him. This was back in 2001 at a book store. I’m guessing it was at Taylor Books (which is no more). They had a lot of big name signers. I don’t remember much about the signing. I remember he was animated and outgoing. It as a cattle call (a long line with little interaction so everyone could get through).


Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Alleen Mae Beller AKA Sally Starr

My friends back in Philly and Jersey will remember SallyStarr; along with Capt. Noah, Gene London, Dickory Doc, Dr Shock, and Wee Willie Webber.

Sally had a show for kids that showed lots of Popeye cartoons.  I remember watching it mostly when I was home sick, so I think it was on during school hours. I’m using the wiki link for her instead of IMDB as it has more info.

I did not obtain this signature. I inherited it. I have no idea on when or where 'Bob' got it. I’m still happy I have as it brought back lot of memories.


Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Jon Lovitz Winspear Dec 2021

The Vets of Saturday Night Live tour came to Dallas and played at the Winspear.

It was a chilly and windy night. It got dark fast and the 4 of us chatted as we passed the time waiting for the 4 actors to appear.

I had actually forgotten about this event until a fellow hound asked if I was going. I told I wasn’t prepared and he mentioned he had an extra photo he would let me have. Very friendly of him. I most say, my circle of autograph friends can be helpful.

Jon Lovitz was the first to arrive to the venue. This worked out well for me as he was the only one I wanted.  He was about to go in but saw there was only 4 of us and decided to come over.  He was quiet. He signed and we thanked him. then he hurried inside to be away from the cold and wind.