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Friday, November 16, 2018

Jenny McCarthy Spec Bottle Signing 201809

There are a bunch of reasons why a collector wants JennyMcCarthy’s autograph.  Resell value, she’s beautiful, posed in Playboy, actress, and Austism spokesperson. I find her funny and willing to poke fun at herself and really down to earth.

I knew Jenny would sign outside items at her bottle signing at Specs. I found 2 photos I really liked and would decide which one at the last minute. I waited in line with my poker buddy. He was intrigued about the ‘whole process’ and had a bunch of questions that my answers never clarified. It was good for him to see for himself.

When the signing started, we slowly moved forward. Jenny was chatty and took her time. She posed for photos and signed everything.  She signed my bottle and I showed her the photo I decided to get signed. She quickly signed it. Then flipped it aside to sign the other photo.  I didn’t ask, she didn’t ask. She was just used to people having a stack of photos and signing them.  I did mention I wasn’t trying to be greedy. She laughed and said she was happy to sign both.

And that is another reason I like Jenny McCarthy.


Thursday, November 15, 2018

Chris Kattan Hyena’s Dallas 10/2018

I was able to get Chris Kattan as he entered Hyena’s Comedy Club in Dallas. He paused to sign for the few of us waiting for him. 

As I stepped up, he told me he didn’t like my photo and wasn’t going to sign it. I had heard that about him and I wasn’t offended. This was the photo I wanted to get signed. I told him okay and stepped out of the way of the others.  He asked what else I had. I told him this was the only one but it wasn’t an issue. He paused a second and waved me back. He signed and I thanked him.


Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Celena Rae Star Game 10/2018

I’m not an America Idol fan. Never seen the show. Have no desire to start watching.

However, I do go to Dallas Stars games.  Celena Rae, who was on American Idol, is the MC for the Stars and sings the National Anthem before each game. Over the years, I have wanted to get her autograph. This time I finally succeeded.

I was going to the hockey game with some friends from work. I warned them I was going to be a nerd and try for an autograph. Of course they asked with player. I sheepishly told them I was going to try for Celena.  They laughed.

Before the end of the first period I navigated to the section where the Cheerleaders perform.  Then I just hung out. I was expecting Celena to visit that section to read some announcement. I was wrong.  At the end of the period, she was on the ice MC’ing the human bowling ball game.

As I processed my disappointment of missing my chance, I watched the bowling.  Then I was distracted as the cheerleaders marched back to the section. I swear none of them were over 5 foot tall.  I hung out because I didn’t want to schlep back to me seat and show my coworkers that I failed.

Then I looked to the side and Celena Rae was walking past me.  I quickly said, ‘Excuse me, Miss Rae?’ She stopped, smiled, and said hello.  I asked if she had a second for an autograph.  Then even a bigger smile.  She agreed and I pulled out the photo.  She looked at it and said she remembered that photo shoot.  I told her I was looking for something more recent and she said this was a good choice.

She signed and I thanked her. she walked off and I returned to my seat.  When my friends saw the photo and signature, I wasn’t such a nerd. I think they were impressed.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Spencer Wilding Order 66 Toy Store 10/2018

Order 66 Toy Store has moved since the last time I visited. It is now in Allen, TX.  It's still the same great Star Wars selection. It still has massive amount of Star Wars items that you never knew existed.

Just before Halloween, they had Spencer Wilding stop in to sign items on his way to Rhode Island ComicCon.  Spencer played Darth Vader in Rogue One, a Star Wars Story.

As my friend and I walked up, Spencer chatter with the owner in the parking lot. They were getting a bit of fresh air and enjoying the nice evening.  He shook our hands with an iron grip. Not a crushing grip but there was no give or flex in it. He stood over me by a few inches. While intimidating as Vader, he was cordial and outgoing and chatty.

We moved inside and continue to chat as he signed. He used his own red paint pen that added a nice touch to the photo.


Monday, November 12, 2018

Brenda Blair Ft Worth Book Festival Oct 2018

After a long hard day of hunting, I took a trip to Ft Worth. I was looking for a friend I have known for a while now. I found her at her table quietly looking at her phone.  As I approached, she looked up and gave me a smile.  It was the polite smile you give all strangers.  Then she looked away – just for a heartbeat - then she turned back with a huge surprised smile of recognition.

She was in Ft Worth doing a book fair/festival to promote several of her books. This was why I was there. I was finally going to get a book signed by her.

Yes, I embarrassed her. Yes, I was wanted her to be slightly embarrassed but I am so proud that she has done something that many people attempt but never accomplish. She has taken an idea and translated it into a book. Something as easy as that; however, so many people fail for a myriad of reasons.

She signed and we chatted for a while. At the end of the day, we walked out together and I had my signed copy.  It is proudly on my shelf of signed books.