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Monday, November 15, 2010

Behind the scenes – Bush and Dunham

It’s weird how things work. This is like ‘If you give a Mouse a Cookie but for the autograph hound.
If I hadn’t been laid off, I would not have joined the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis).
If I hadn’t joined the IIBA, I would not have won a 3 day pass to the No Magic World Conference.
If I hadn’t won the 3 day pass, I would not have heard about the Bush signing.
I was up earlier than normal on Monday (the day before the Bush signing) as I drove to the conference. I was listening to my favorite radio station and they mentioned that President Bush was kicking off his book tour in Dallas the next day.
I may not be totally plugged into everything that happens in Dallas but I’m usually aware of a big signing like this. This did not show up on the websites I usually browse for upcoming events.  In fact, just a day before I was mentioning to a friend that I was surprised Bush wasn’t signing in Dallas.
Of course the radio station didn’t give the details or maybe something distracted me in traffic when they did give the details but I knew the signing was going to be at one of two bookstores in town.
Since the subject of the conference went way over my head, I left early that Monday. I dropped by the first possible bookstore that could host the signing.  As I walked in I quickly realized it wasn’t them as they had Pat Summerall scheduled for the next day.
They also had Jeff Dunham scheduled later this very night. I would love to get that autograph but that’s 2 singings in 2 days and only a couple of weeks ago I was in Austin for the Texas Book Festival and in a few more days I would be in Austin again for Wizard World’s ComicCon.  That’s a little more money than I should be spending without official spousal approval.
Now I know how much the wife likes Dunham so my crafty little mind figured if I invited her to the signing there was no way she could say ‘no’. And it worked.
So, if I wasn’t laid off…repeat the ‘Ifs’ above, I wouldn’t have gotten Jeff Dunham’s autograph; another signings that was flying under my radar.

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