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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ooooh, jewelry…

A few years back I went to a Dallas Stars season ticket holder event. Sounds prestigious, huh?  In reality, 6 of us share 4 seats. The seats are 4 rows from the top of the upper bowl. Nose bleed. The climb up the stairs is a good cardio workout.  If you get a few beers and use the bathroom a few times, you have done your heart well. Aside from the health aspect of the seats, the view is good.  It’s a neat way to see some games and not spend too much money.
I took a friend, CeeEll, to this event. CeeEll brought his 4 year old daughter.  The event was photo ops with the various players. It was fun but very crowded.  We did a lot of walking and got our photos taken with different players.
After a while we ended with the cheerleaders. They aren’t called cheerleaders here; they are called Stars Ice Girls. The squad is split into 2 groups. One group uses pom poms and dances and entertains the crowd. The other group actually skates and cleans the ice shaving from around the goal during time outs.
They are young.  I would imagine anywhere from 18 to 25 years old. And 25 might be pushing the upper limit of the age envelope.  They are pretty and stylish. They are very glamorous with big hair and big make-up. They get free tanning from a local tanning bed company.  They don’t have tattoos. Or if they do, they are hidden behind their uniforms. Well, logic dictates they don’t have tattoos as they don’t have much of an outfit that can hide a tattoo. For us guys, they are also pleasantly distracting.
We stood in line to get our photos taken with some of the Ice Girls. Yes, it was nothing but an excuse to stand next to pretty girls and put our arms around them as we posed. We’re guys. Don’t expect much more out of us.
CeeEll’s had just mentioned how his little one had recently discovered jewelry. She had become fascinated with the glitter and the shine. She would sneak into mom’s pieces and try on the rings and bracelets and necklaces.  So as she stood between two Ice Girls, the glistening belly rings caught her eye.  The photographer caught her glance.  It was not hard to catch her eye since the belly rings were at her eye level.
The daughter said, “Ooooh, jewelry…” and the dad and the two Ice Girls laughed and in unison, like they had practiced, said, “That’s for when you get older.”
A few people around us laughed. Then we took a few steps over to the table and got autographs from some of the other Ice Girls. 
Everyone had heard the exchange.  It started a conversation among various girls about when they had gotten their belly rings.  One girl mentioned that she and her mom went and got their belly buttons pieced together when she turned 16.  It was a wonderful mom/daughter bonding experience for her.
So for you moms out there that aren’t pieced; you now know you can look forward to the day that you and your daughter bond in this wonderful ritual.  And is their 16th birthday that far away?


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