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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wizard World’s Austin ComicCon 2010

Since I never attended a Wizard World Convention, I had no idea about the crowds or organization; I figured I’d make this a 2 day trip. Originally, I thought I’d go down Saturday and stay the night. Part of that reasoning was that I saw that they were going to have a poker tourney on Saturday. When I went back to the website to confirm, I couldn’t find it. So, they either cancelled the poker or I was delusional.
With no good reason to stay Saturday night I drove down to Austin on Friday morning instead. Friday works better. Typically with any event over a weekend, the crowds are smaller on Friday as people are working. Which means I could get more done in less time. BUT because of those smaller crowds, some of the guests decide to show up on Saturday. My plan was if I missed anyone on Friday I could pick them up on Saturday.
I got the show about 2PM. I won’t say it was dead or deserted but the crowds were very manageable.
I walked around to get my bearings and watched the people and celebrities.
The fans were friendly and outgoing. I chatted with several people ‘just because’.
At 2 PM, a lot of the guests hadn’t showed up yet. Many of the tables where they were scheduled to sit had little signs stating when they would return. I liked that.
The first autograph I got was Ernie Hudson. He let me take a photo and he was dressed in his Ghostbusters jump suit. I’m assuming he wore that because the Dallas and Houston Ghostbuster fan clubs were in attendance. They were in jumpsuits and proton packs all weekend. I hope he doesn’t wear his jumpsuit like a doctor wears his scrubs…
A little later I picked up Gil Gerard’s and Erin Gray’s autographs. I tell more about that later.
I got Nicholas Brendon’s signature. I beat him down (verbally) and he was so nice about it. Again, more later.
Lee Majors was never at his table. I think he was doing photo ops. I did finally get the photo signed and he was very nice. I was hoping for some interaction but nothing happened. Wouldn't you love to ask him about Farrah?
There was a lot of fanfare when Burt Ward and Adam West entered the convention center floor.  A nice line had formed in front of their tables. I wasn’t in the mood to wait so I wondered off to take a few photos. 
This was NOT a photo friendly place. There were a few signs up stating that this was a ‘no photo zone’. Or one of the handles would mention no photos were allowed as a fan raised their camera.
I picked up Billy Dee Williams autograph and I shook his hand but I don’t recall him saying a word.  I really wanted to hear that iconic voice say something. He just politely nodded. After me, a guy carried over a 5 foot model of the Millennium Falcon and asked him to sign it. The model had signatures all over it from other actors. I’m sure Billy Dee gets requests like that all day long.
After some more wandering, I went back and got Batman and Robin’s autographs as the line had disappeared. Both were the friendliest guys to meet. Again more later.
I left for the day and on Saturday I picked up Peter Mayhew’s John Hancock. He always looks so shy but as I see him in shows all over but he always engages with the fans.  I got a nice photo of him holding Chewie’s head piece. So you see the actor and the character in one shot.
The last bit of work was Doug Jones. No matter how many people were in line he was animated and outgoing and hugging fans. Some people got their faces mushed as he clasped his hands on their cheeks and he told them thank you.  He was a character. I told him he was the modern day Lon Chaney Jr and I got a big hug.
If I hadn’t seen him do that to others I would have been nervous. It was a good hug and not a ‘man’ hug. He was full of infectious energy. I don’t think anyone left his table without a big smile on their face.  He is a big loveable nut. Think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory but happier and better social skills.
While there were a few others I wanted, at this time they still hadn’t showed up and I wasn’t going to wait for them. I spent enough money and I had my booty to take home.
One regret was Emily Hagins. She is Zombie Girl.  When she was she made her first movie on her own video camera. It was a zombie movie. Hence the nickname. Not a masterpiece but an incredible achievement for a 14 year.  I haven’t seen the movie but I did see a documentary on her and the making of the movie. She was scheduled for Sunday and that didn’t work with my plans. I thought I saw her walking with her mom on Saturday but couldn’t work up the nerve to approach her.
I very nice convention and one I would attend again in the future.

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  1. We did a signing with Billy Dee one year at the mall and he signed bottles of Colt 45 some brave customers brought by. ha ha - he was tickled.