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Monday, January 31, 2011

Nichelle Nichols Sci Fi Expo

Last Saturday I mentioned I got Nichelle Nichols’ autograph.
This wasn’t the first time I got her signature. The first time was in 1977 (or maybe 1978) in a Holiday Inn in Philly.
It was the first convention I ever attend. My best friend Kee and I were overly excited; just like kids entering our teens would be when meeting our heroes.
Kee and I had more fun interacting with other fans than the actual programming. It was the first time we met other people that also enjoyed the show and the whole genre. There is something special when you can talk the same geek language with others. And it’s especially powerful the first times it happens.
I don’t remember much about meeting her. I do not I hung her signature, along with the others I got that weekend, on my wall for the next 5 years where the sun faded it.  What better way to hang something but with staples? I will admit to being an unsophisticated oaf that didn’t realize you could put the photo into a picture frame and THEN hang the photo. What a concept.
Getting this new autograph was fun. She looked gorgeous.
I will admit to flirting and I told her how beautiful her skin was. She graciously pretended like it wasn’t blatant flattery.   The few people behind me gave their endorsement that she was as beautiful as I told her.
I choose this photo as this was one of my favorite episodes. Of course as a true blue Trekkie it’s hard to pin me down to an episode that isn’t my favorite.  

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