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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Marisa Miller True Spirits Carrollton

Victoria's Secret.  Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model.  Got your attention?
I heard on the radio that Marisa Miller was going to be doing a signing.
Okay, I’ll admit it; I had to look her up.  So sue me.  Take away my Man Card. I’m too distracted by the face and the body to be bothered to learn a name.  Remember your Shakespeare – A Rose by Any Other Name…
I showed up just about 15 minutes early. Talked to a few people I recognized and waited.
The crowd was small and prepared. Most everyone else knew who she was and had old Sport Illustrated magazines or other color photos already printed out. Yes, I know, I already admitted I was a dilettante.
I knew they would have some promotional material on hand but I still stopped by a bookstore to check out the magazine rack in case she was on a current cover of something.
This was a promo for Captain Morgan. You needed to buy some rum to get Marissa Miller’s signature. Okay, even though I don’t drink I was willing to do this. Then it was announced that she only sign the rum bottle and a promo poster. Needless to say some were upset but I always think of this like a book signing. You need to buy the book to get the autograph.
While we were waiting, Captain Morgan made an appearance and attempted to entertain us.
This was a testosterone event and not an estrogen event. The crowd was guys and we weren’t checking our makeup at the last second or wearing our sharpest clothes. Of course, as guys we were sucking in our guts and flashing our best Saturday Night Bar smiles in hopes of getting some extra attention.
She smiled. She signed. I bought some rum.
My wife’s only question was there any Coke in the frig.



  1. "My wife’s only question was there any Coke in the frig." You mean you'll open the bottle??

    Love it!!


  2. I figured her sig is still good on an empty bottle. I guess it might be more fun to save it and then we open it at an AFAN event with you and the others.