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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jamie Kennedy - Addison Improv

I need to thank Racer X for the help about where and when I needed to be so I could get this one. Racer X is a very knowledgeable collector in the DFW area.
Getting Jamie Kennedy’s autograph at the Improv was a little different for me. This was more of the hanging out and waiting on a street corner to get the coveted autograph; as opposed hanging out knowing someone was going to do a signing like I did with Rob Schneider.
When I got Rob Schneider’s signature at the Improv I was actually waiting for him to set up his table to sell his shirts and DVD’s.  While I didn’t know exactly how everything was going to work, I was fairly sure I was at the right place to get my autograph.
This autograph was way out of my comfort zone, although it was fairly straight forward.
I got there and hung out with Racer X. Knowing that Racer X was still there meant I wasn’t late.  It’s also good to chit chat while you are waiting.
Jamie arrived by car. We caught up to him as he was about to enter the stairwell. He saw us and stopped and he signed. No fuss; no muss.
He was very laid back and told me if I wanted a photo I could catch him after the show. I was okay with that but then he stopped and said let’s take it now.
Trying to hide my confusion I got the camera out and someone took our picture and then we went our separate ways.
The most important thing (well, to my mom it's important) - how did I look in the photo?

So this time I almost have a smile. I did remember to suck in some of my gut. Maybe, just maybe, if I get enough practice, I might learn how to take a picture in a few years.  Won’t mom be proud of me then?



  1. Very cool man, good to hear it was a good experience, I've wanted to meet him for a long while. I know what you mean about just hanging out, it's a strange thing, haven't done it myself as of yet, mainly due to not know where to go. Sounds like you got some good advice though!

  2. Okay, I don't really know who Jamie Kennedy is (even though I did see Three Kings), but I think you're looking good in the photo. Not nearly as scruffy as Jamie! ;-)