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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leonard Nimoy Dallas ComicCon 2011

Last weekend’s Dallas ComicCon brought Leonard Nimoy to town for a signing.  Leonard Nimoy is a huge name in the geek world. His popularity has grown outside of the normal Star Trek fan base after his work on Fringe.
Knowing this, my expectations were simple: spend as little time in line as possible and get an autograph.  I did not expect to sit down and tell him how much I enjoyed the first time he used the Vulcan Mind Meld or how cool it was he brought his Jewish heritage into Star Trek with the Live Long and Prosper sign.
The crowds were huge.  Plenty of people were in Starfleet uniforms (and some even looked good in them) to celebrate his appearance. People brought all kinds of items to get signed. Looking through the long line I even saw a Vulcan Lute that someone constructed.  
I must admit I had a bonus by standing in line with an interesting lady that was going to have her copy of Leonard Nimoy Presents Mr. Spock (yes, that’s vinyl) signed. Not only did I get to see a copy, I found out Leonard Nimoy had recorded 3 other albums. A total of 4 albums but no Grammies.  Can’t have everything.
The line moved quickly.
As he signed my photo, I asked if he would appear on Fringe again and he stated that ‘work was done’.  It may seem like a silly question considering he died…but Fringe had the ability to do anything they want to do. So why not bring him back?
This wasn’t the first time I got Nimoy’s autograph.  Back in 1995, he was signing his book, I Am Spock. This was an autobiography that was continuing or a retelling of his previous book called: I Am Not Spock.
Back then I waited in line several hours at Taylor’s bookstore in Dallas and was able to buy 2 copies.  He was pleasant and after I got through the line I dropped my signed copies off at my car and went to the back of the line again. I wanted to try to purchase an extra copy for a friend.
After waiting 45 minutes or so this second time, they announced they had sold out all of his books. Taylor’s was very experienced with book signings and having adequate supplies.  They hosted a lot of big name guests.  They were always prepared.  To sell out at one of their events is very telling.
Before the crowd could riot, Leonard stated he would sign any memorabilia that you had.  He felt bad the store was out of books.  Pretty classy of him.  Most people didn’t have anything else to sign as the store was fairly emphatic about NOT bring memorabilia. So a lot of people left right them.
Me, I stayed.  I’m such the contrarian.
I walked through the line and when my turn came, I just shook his hand and told him I really enjoyed Spock and In Search Of. I know he smiled and thought I was the stereotypical geek. I was and am.  It didn’t matter what he was thinking.  I was really happy to meet him. He was such a huge part of my life when I was a boy growing up in Jersey.
It’s embarrassing to admit but it’s like crossing off a bucket list item.


  1. So awesome! I would love to meet him. I've heard an album or two of his, and well, I think Shatner's was a little better, but still. Its Leonard Nimoy!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Who's on your wish list? If I learn somehting I'll let you know.