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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lynda Carter B&N Frisco 6/11/11

I’ll admit to being too geeky when Wonder Woman aired to appreciate the beauty of Lynda Carter.  Now that I’ve met her in person, I understand why dad never missed an episode.
Actually, let me correct that, I think she is more beautiful now.
Lynda Carter came to Frisco, TX to sign her new CD, Crazy Little Things.  The B&N was nice enough to play her album during the signing so people like me that were more interested in meeting Lynda would actually be exposed to the music.  It’s what I’d call soft jazz and very relaxing.  There is no doubt, even to my uneducated ear, she has a great voice.
I got to the signing just as she walked to her signing table. The crowd was excited and flashes popped as dozens of photos were taken.  Lynda took time to chat with some of the people before she spoke up and thanked everyone for coming out to see her. For the whole event, a crowd surrounded the table watching her and taking photos. 
This is so cliché – she has a winning smile - but she really does.  I’m envious. I wish I could smile as nicely and naturally as she. It really is relaxing and disarming.
Everyone got a chance to sit down with her and say a few words. She never made anyone feel harried or unappreciated. The book store even had an employee take a photo of you with Lynda as you sat with her.
A man about 60 years old was in front of me. He was nervously excited and told the various strangers around him how he would have produced the current album differently.  We learned of what sound effects he would have used and his choices of songs. 
When he sat with Lynda I really think he started telling her those details. The smile never faltered. Her poise was unshaken. She listened and interacted. She thanked him and shook his hand. He was on cloud nine.
When I sat down it felt so personal. The crowds disappeared and I felt it was just her and me. She thanked me for coming and I told her I was happy she came to Frisco. We chatted  a little more and then shook my hand. 
Then I was on cloud nine.


  1. She's just such a wonderful woman, really glad we got the chance to meet her!

  2. That is a great photo of both of you!!


  3. Daniel - I feel lucky about this one.
    GG - You are too kind.