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Monday, June 13, 2011

#SDCC letter of the day U for Un

Understand this is a big event and you will not do everything you plan
Take umbrage to the stereotype that the attendees are smelly pimply faced teens
Don’t be uncouth, remember your manners no matter how much Red Bull you are drinking
Uncertainty of the schedule and attending guest demands you be flexible
SDCC is the uncontested greatest show
SDCC has a certain unabashed style that charms thousands every year
The lineup of panels and guest is unparalleled
The claims of too Hollywood do go unrebuked
At times the juggernaut of SDCC seems unappeasable but it does listen to the fans
At times the convention floor is unaesthetic with the chaos of colors sounds and displays
To truly enjoy the diversity of SDCC let yourself be unarmored
At times the crowds are uncensored and crude but for the most this is not an issue
While some cosplayers are unartistic, the majority take great pride in their costumes
Stick to your budget and remain unbeholdened to the credit card companies
Finding your Inner Cow will allow you to remain unbothered by the small delays in the day
To enjoy yourself more, let your inner child out and be unchagrined
Unceasing activities will wear you out, pace yourself
SDCC seems undivorcable from San Diego
Undoubtedly you’ll want a few days rest after this weekend
Expect the unexpected at SDCC
Many fanboys/girls have unfailing devotion to SDCC
SDCC proves that geek-dom is no longer an underground movement, its mainstream
Enter the convention floor unpretentiously and revel in the riches you’ll find
Few of the crowd control problems remain unresolved the next day; they are quick to make fixes
While you may be left unsated at the end of the week, there is next year
Until next time,


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