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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

#SDCC Cheat Phi

These aren’t really cheats as anyone can do them and you won’t get in trouble.
Comfy shoes.
God bless you if you wear high heels all day. Nothing says booth babe or Cosplayer like a pair of 5 inch stilettoes with ankle straps. Every guy in the convention center loves it too.
And I totally understand if you have to wear them.
For those that don’t have to wear heels, comfy shoes does not mean ‘cute’.
I have problems with my feet. So this is very personal for me. I know how much walking I’m doing and the pounding I’m putting on my back, knees, and feet every day.
While you love your moccasins, ballet slippers, flip flops, or whatever, if they do not give arch support or cushion to the heel you will be mistreating your feet.
Even though there is carpet at SDCC, it’s been pounded into the thickness of paper years ago. So you are essentially walking on concrete all day long. A few booths pay for additional padding but that’s the exception and not the norm.
Remember SDCC is a marathon; its 5 long days of walking on concrete whether inside the building or outside.
Don’t buy shoes just before the show (unless they are duplicates of what you already use).  It’s not the time to experiment with a new shoe. Buy your sneakers about 2 weeks before and use them to make sure they fit properly.  Shoes really don’t break in.  Well, they do but that stretching you are making them do is really because you got them too small.
Walk in them all day for several days. Keep them on for 12 hours or so because that is what you will be doing at SDCC.
Do you feel pain? Then you got the wrong shoes and try again. It can be expensive. But which is worse, a high Visa bill or a miserable time at SDCC?
Once you know you have the shoes you need you are in business.
Do you need additional arch support? Many drug stores will sell good supports you can add to your shoes. Small non chains drug store might even have someone that knows about the various products and get the best solution for you.
Are your feet swelling at the end of the day? You might want to try support hose or compression socks. 
It is amazing how much more enjoyable SDCC is when your feet aren’t complaining at day long.


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