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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#SDCC Cheat Tau

These aren’t really cheats as anyone can do them and you won’t get in trouble.
If you are like me and collect autographs; think about what you need to bring. Books, graphic Novels, and Comic Books take up a lot of space and while individually don’t weight much; collectively they become a ton of bricks.
So what do you need to bring? If the author/artist is current and releasing new material, you can easily get it either at the convention center or at a bookstore/comic dealer in San Diego. You can walk, cab, or trolley to a local bookstore.
Mysterious Galaxy and Bud Plant are long time staples at SDCC. You can easily find them on the convention floor. They know who is showing up and what to bring. Most likely you don’t need to bring your copy of the latest book in the series to SDCC. They will have it.
If you want something rare/unique…you are at ComicCon – there are lots of booths selling the rare/unique.
The first time I attended SDCC I brought about 20 novels. The next few years I bought only one of two.
I found that packing books carefully and traveling across country still adds wear and tear to them. Mysterious Galaxy has always been friendly and in stock, especially for authors having signings in the Sails Pavilion. If you have the time, take a trip to their store. You’ll need a car though.
For author signings at booths, the variety is sometimes limited. It depends how much notice they have.
As I mentioned, I’ll only carry a book or two with me.  It’ll be something I bought decades ago and is in good shape and I have read a few times.  I had Ray Bradbury sign my Martian Chronicles. It wasn’t a first edition by a long shot. I bought it when I was in high school and I have an emotional attachment to it.
I brought several Star Trek Logs that Alan Dean Foster wrote. They were first editions and it was neat to say I bought these as a kid when I met him.
Bring your favorite book or two.  You just don’t need to bring the whole library.

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