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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tyra Banks Modelland B&N Southlake

I’ll admit the only reason I wanted this book was Tyra Banks is a ‘name’. Actually she is a ’NAME’. I’m admitting I don’t know much about her.  I know she is a Supermodel and she’s been famous a long time and her career has moved into diverse directions.  Now and then there seems to some controversy about her. And the last thing I really know is my sister watches America’s Next Top Model and really enjoys the show.  That is the extended of my knowledge. Yes, I’m sure a few of you are thinking I deserve to have my ‘man card’ revoked.  So sue me.
First off, let me say the negative of this event was the books were presigned. I didn’t get a chance to say ‘hi’ and exchange a few words; which is one of the big perks I enjoy about collecting the signature in person. 
I will admit she did other things that ameliorated a lot of the disappointment. The signing was a big event. She had hired young models to dress the part of her main character.  The models handed out eye masks to the crowd. And some of the eye masks were special and you won a short meet and greet with Tyra after the signing.

She briefly discussed her book, Modelland.  She also briefly read a few pages.  She then fielded questions from the crowd and she answered a lot of questions.  At one point my wife (You didn’t think I could go and see an international supermodel and leave the wife home did you?  Kae was afraid I would do something stupid and ask Tyra home for dinner like I did with Cindy.) turned and said the crowd was asking really good questions.   I thought about that.  The crowd was mostly 12 to 20 year old girls with a few old people like us and guys peppered in.  The questions seemed like typical questions from a 14 year old. However, we were engaged by the Q&A.  We were laughing and clapping and nodding in agreement with a lot of the content.  I whispered back that I thought Tyra is really answering the questions thoughtfully and honestly. She talked about her successes and setbacks. She discussed feelings and motivations and plans or hopes.
Tyra worked her audience. She didn’t hide behind a table or podium. She took a microphone and went out into the crowd.  That allowed everyone to get close up photos. She would turn the people around to face their audience and she often put her arm around them while answering.
After an hour and half she was done and she said her goodbyes and I must admit I really enjoyed this event.
We left with our presigned copies of her book feeling not too disappointed.
I met one of my fellow collectors outside and he was hoping to get a non book item signed.  Kae and I ate  at a place around the corner. After we finished our meal, he was still there waiting with a dozen others hoping to get an autograph.  I was tempted to hang out with them but it was late and I figured my chances were slim to none. The next morning I found out my friend failed so I made a good decision.


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