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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mitch Williams, Sean Casey, and Harold Reynolds World Series 2011

Last year my wife drug me to the World Series because she was trying to get me out of my ‘The Phillies Blew It’ funk. The World Series is a bucket list item. Yes, it would have been a better bucket list accomplishment if my Phillies made it.   
So while I was hating on my Phils and nursing my bruised pride, she treated us to Game 5 of the 2010 World Series.  Even though that ended the run for the Rangers, we had a good time. I was going to bring some baseballs to get signed on the off chance I might get lucky but at the last minute I decided leave the balls at home. 
After the game was over, we wandered over to the MLB Network Broadcast area and watched the announcers.  I realized I made a mistake by leaving the balls at home.  The field was filled with retired players. To top that off no one was begging for autographs. I don’t think many people recognized the players out of their uniforms and in suits.
Well, the Rangers returned to the World Series in 2011 and my Phillies again returned home prematurely.  The wife bought tickets again but this time it was not for me. She had become a Rangers fan and SHE wanted to see the game.
I wasn’t going to argue about the purchase and the opportunity to see another WS game. So I agreed to go with her. Very chivalrous of me, I know. This time I was going to bring some baseballs though. 
My plan wasn’t to get the current players. That’s a mob scene.  I figured the broadcasters from the various networks (FOX, ESPN, and MLB Network) would be easier targets. I even made a list of the players/announcers so I won’t forget anyone’s name.
We got the game early and again I hung out at the MLB location.  Before I knew it Mitch Williams walked by in a tee shirt and jeans and into the stands. I politely ask if he’d sign. He thought about it. I’m not sure if he wasn’t prepared for anyone to recognize him or he didn’t want to start an autograph session but he took the pen and ball I offered and quickly signed.  I thanked him and he disappeared into the stands.
I didn’t have Mitch on my to-do list.  My parents have been good enough to get him twice for me.  He signed a hat one time and another time they got John Kruk and Mitch to sign a napkin at a restaurant where they were eating.
While a bunch of us were waiting for the current broadcasters to finished, Sean Casey and Harold Reynolds walked up. A few fans got their autographs and I easily got Sean Casey.  Harold was trying to beg off but I was able to use my long arms and just about place my ball and pen in his hands. He HAD to sign.  I only felt a little guilty about that.
We weren’t able to get any more signatures before the game but I was pretty pumped.
During the game (I mentioned my Phillies weren’t playing right?  So I only had a passing interest in the results.) I wandered over to the Fox set up but they had a lot of security and the crew was sitting in the dark watching the game and texting without looking up.  I left them alone.
It wasn’t until a day later that I found out the ESPN crew was outside of the stadium. That crew was fairly willing to sign.  Since I never saw them, I came up empty.
After the game I went back to the MLB set and it was configured different. It was only a couple of chairs and they were set further from the stands. I wanted to watch and see who was interviewed but security was chasing everyone out of the stands.
The day was one of mixed results. I can’t complain about getting three prominent players signatures.  But I will. After getting those three so quickly, I had raised my expectations only to frustrate myself.  I was greedily hoping for more but reality set in, as it always does in the long run.
So here’s to hoping for the Rangers make it to a third WS in a row and my Phillies getting off the schneid and coming to Texas.



  1. Great story. I wish my wife would do something like that.

    And three autos is better than none.

  2. yes, three autos are better than one. Shhhh- we shouldn't say how lucky I am with the wife in public - it will go to her head. :)