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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Time Bandit Vodka – Capt’s Hillstrand

This really wasn’t on the radar. I was aware of it but I didn’t have plans on going.  The wife and I had something else scheduled and this was not on the list.  But the wife was sick and the plans were cancelled and I had some extra time.  So, being flexible, I went at the last minute.  I really didn’t want to spend the day cooped up in the house with a sick wife anyway.
Whether you know or not, I don’t drink.  The idea of me getting a signed bottle of vodka seems silly. That’s the addiction of autograph collecting in the nutshell. You do silly things for silly reasons.
Sigel’s Liqueur was hosting the two Captains from the Time Bandit, which is one of the crabber’s featured on the show Deadliest Catch.  The captains have launched a brand of vodka named after their boat, Time Bandit.  I enjoy the show and while I don’t TiVo it I find my surfing ends whenever I come across this program.  I had an interest in meeting these guys even though I don’t drink.
As I mentioned, this was a last minute decision.  I got there just about 11AM when the signing was to start. Even as I was driving up I noticed an empty parking lot and no line of fans. 
Did I get the date or time or place wrong?  I didn’t think so as I did see some signage promoting the event when I walked up to the entrance.  I entered and looked for a crowd. I looked for a table with the celebrities.  I must have had a deer in the headlights look as several people asked if I could be helped.
I have found liqueur store singings to be very hit or miss. Either they get the word out and it goes viral and everyone shows up or they fail at promoting the event and the place is empty.  
Captain Johnathan Hillstrand walked up to me and asked if I was here for the signing. I said yes and he shook my hand.   He started to casually chit chat with me.  He asked about my Thanksgiving and if I watched the game.  He mentioned that they got some ground level suite seats for the game. I asked how they enjoyed that and he mentioned that had a great view of the cheerleaders rear-ends.  I had to laugh. There are worse things to watch during a game.
I was introduced to Neal Hillstrand and told Scott couldn’t make this trip. Scott is shown on the promo photo and Neal is not.  He seemed apologetic.  Neal doesn’t get a lot of face time on the show while Scott does.  They explained that Neal works too hard to have any time left for the camera.
Then Captain Andy Hillstrand walked in and they all signed a bottle and a publicity photo for me. I mentioned I wanted a second bottle and they were happy to do that and I even got another photo from them.
Still no one had walked in. I was the only customer. I felt obliged to keep them company until someone else came. I was formulating some questions and comments.  The work they do is incredibly hard and they get only a few hours of sleep a night for weeks.  They do that so my Dad and wife can enjoy Alaskan King Crab.  That’s very generous of them. 
As I was about to open my mouth to start a conversation until someone else walked in, their handler summarily dismissed me.  So instead I said thanks and paid for my bottles and left.  I wondered where everyone was but I also appreciated getting some time with them and getting out of there so quickly that I could get a start on my Christmas shopping.

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