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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth Some Lessons Learned

There is three parts to this and a quiz.
I was very excited when I learned Kristin Chenoweth was coming to town.  I just adored her in Pushing Daisies and I’m sure every Gleek and Wicked fan in the world adores her for those shows.
She was in town doing to a couple of things which meant several opportunities to get her signature.
1)  Nasser Sculpture Museum hosted her for a presentation. I’m not sure what she was scheduled to do but it was a chance to hang out in front of the museum with 6 other hounds.  The night was cool and humid and I was fighting a cold.  I was trying to stay focused while not getting everyone else sick. 

The wait wasn’t very long and she had an entourage of beautiful women that step out of the car and led the way.  She left the SUV a good minute after the others and hopped to the ground. Something that took some skill with the very high heels she wore.  The hounds lined up and politely asked for autographs.  We were well behaved and no pushing or shoving.

She smiled. It’s a great smile that lights up a room or a dark street entrance.  She signed and even signed duplicates and exchanged a few words about a past performance or a photo she was signing.  She took the time to pose with the one guy that remembered to bring a camera.

2) The next morning my wife went to B&N to get her wristband for a signing that Kristin Chenoweth was doing in Frisco later that day. Yes, I also wanted her CD.

After work, my wife and I got to the bookstore and saw a large crowd for her CD signing of Some Lessons Learned.  Kristin would pause and talk with the fans and pose for photos.  It even seemed like she even knew some of the people when she stopped and chatted.

We got our CD signed.  I stepped out of the photo. I would much rather look at a picture of my wife and Kristin than one with me in it.  She again beamed a smile that lit up the room.  Kristin was friendly and asked us about the ‘cold’ Texas weather we were having.  We didn’t feel rushed at all.  We left very happy.

3)  So here are three signatures that are supposedly Kristin Chenoweth’s. Which one is real?

Yes, it’s so obviously a trick question.
The two 8 x 10’s I got at the Nasser.  She signed the photo with the apple first. Then a minute later she signed the photo with the wand.  The CD is from the CD signing.
Celebs sign differently based on where they are and their mood and what they think you are going to do with it.
The nicer signatures often come from book signings and other paid appearances.  The looser signatures come from the hunting opportunities.
If I was selling, I would have been disappointed with the 8 x 10’s.  Since I don’t sell and this is my hobby I don’t mind. 
Well…I’ll admit to be slightly disappointed because I’m giving one photo as a gift.
It really is about the story and the memory and the sharing.



  1. The difference is just insane, a shame we missed each other man!

  2. Kristin Chenoweth is awesome. Nice pick ups.

    Damn, that first signature sucks though. I would have been pissed if I got that. The second one isn't much better. Shaquille O'Neal gave me a similar signature to that a couple of weeks ago.

  3. The second is her usual rushed stage-door signature (with some imagination it's a K ;) ), the third her usual signing signature. The first one is hilarious though!

  4. Daniel - we'll see each next time.

    dogderbobble - I read your Shaq - congrats and that signature wsn't that bad.

    Iris - I agree the first one is funny now that I had a nice signatyre on her CD. The seocnd will be gifted to my sister who loves Wicked.

    All - thanks for reading and the comments. I appreciate that.

  5. This is a thanks to my brother for the gifts. I love the one with the wand--I saw her on broadway as Glinda and thought she was phenomenal! I have been following her since then. I just opened my gifts and can't wait to listen to the CD. Dad told me to read the blog to find out about the two signatures--and now I know. I love hearing the stories about how you get the autographs. Kudos to my brother for the gifts!! (It was also nice to see my sister-in-law in one of the pictures as well.)

  6. Geraldine - the sister in law is much pretter than the brother so she needs to be in more photos. Glad you enjoyed the photo and CD.