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Monday, February 6, 2012

Clayton Kershaw TriStar Houston and Costco Plano

I don’t know Clayton Kershaw and I don’t know his reputation as a signer. I’ve gotten his autograph twice within the last few weeks and both times he seemed friendly, quiet, and polite.
Since I was at TriStar in Houston for the 86 Astros’ reunion, I figured I’d pick up Clayton Kershaw’s autograph too. I was over budget at this time but: in for a penny, in for a pound.
I’m standing in a line that is moving fairly fast as Clayton seemed like a no nonsense type of guy.  He sat down and started signing.  The Collector in front of me had a black baseball and a silver paint pen.  While that is not my thing, I can appreciate how the signature would really pop out with that combination.
So the Collector stepped to the table and handled over the ball and pen. He paid extra for an inscription and Clayton dutifully signed away. Then the Collector asked for a photo.  Clayton straightened and smiled for the camera.  The Collector TOLD Clayton he needed to hold the ball.  I watched Clayton.  I knew what the Collector wanted. Clayton reacted like the ball was rolling off the table and quickly rested his hand on the ball.  Then the Collector TOLD him he needed to pick up the ball.  Obediently Clayton lifted the ball up; still thinking the Collector was worried about his ball rolling away. And Lastly the Collector TOLD him to hold the ball by his face.  Clayton got it now. The Collector took the photo and then his ball and walked away.  I still watched Clayton.  He never shook his head in frustration or watched the guy walk away in relief. He just looked to me as I stepped up and I handed him my ball to sign.
First, this proves that communication is a lost art form.
Second, this proves that autograph collectors are jerks.
Third, this reinforces the KISS philosophy.   While I would love to have a photo of everything I get signed, juggling pens, cameras, and other objects makes it tough at times. Keep It Simple Stupid helps lower the frustration for everyone involved.
A few weeks after this, I saw that Clayton Kershaw would be at a local Costco. He and his wife would be signing their book, Arise. I wasn’t really interested in getting another signature but I passed the info to a friend who is a big Dodgers fan.  He suggested we go together.  I agreed.
Sadly, the event wasn’t very well advertised so the crowd was small. I spent a lot of time talking to other hounds since my friend never showed up.  When Clayton and Ellen Kershaw arrived they quickly sat down and started signing books.
Clayton is a local boy done good.  Ellen is also a local girl and she is a very pretty young lady.  Unlike a lot of other player wives, she didn’t bleach her hair blonde, dress to impress, show off the jewelry, or wear a fake smile.  She wore a casual dress and modest heels.  She looked comfortable with herself. They looked like a high school couple that got married and that is exactly what they are. It made me instantly like them. 
I get my chance in at the table and Clayton quickly signed the book and handed it over to his wife. She had a very deliberate signature which took some time to complete. Clayton has signed my other book (yes, I’m a got a copy for the friend that blew me off.) and we both watched Ellen finish the first signature.  She looked up and handed me the book and thanked me for coming out to see them. I mumbled something about being welcome but I wasn’t about to leave as I still needed the other book. So to pass the time, I asked some silly question and Clayton answered as Ellen finished the next signature. 
Again Ellen thanked me. She gave a warm smile and genuinely looked happy I was there. 
It’s always a pleasure to meet nice people.


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  1. Have no idea who Clayton Kershaw is but man that first part of your post is just nutty, I'd never get that direct with anyone. I know you've mentioned it before but just can't believe people act like that.