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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tami Hoag – A Real Book Store

 This in one of the signings I attended because of ‘The Name’. I haven’t read anything from Tami Hoag but she is a big enough name as a writer to be on my radar. Tami Hoag was at a Real Bookstore on February 2nd for Down the Darkest Road.
Tami entered and spoke a few words; she then read a page or so from the book; and lastly fielded questions.  Listening to the questions you can tell the audience was avid fans.  As she discussed this I knew it would be a book my wife would enjoy.
As I was getting close to the front of the line a high school kid asked to have a book signed. It was Catcher in the Rye. Tami smiled and with a laugh said she wished she wrote that. The student then explained he was trying to get on his English teacher’s good side.  The teacher had gone off on a long tangent about Tami and how much she enjoyed Tami’s books. 
 Tami gladly signed the book and personalized it.  Then they all posed for photos together with the book in hand – to prove to the teacher he didn’t just scrawl a signature into the book. It was something odd and something fun.  It was also something an author could get mad about and reject but  - an eyelash wasn’t batted before the answer was 'yes'.
It’s the way people react to the unusual that I enjoy seeing. I know personally I react poorly to the unexpected.  I always enjoy seeing when it goes well and people can roll with the punches and come out smiling. Just the way Tami Hoag did.

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