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Friday, July 27, 2012

#SDCC Elementary Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller

I’m not really sure how I got this raffle ticket. 
Somehow both the wife and I got a chance to get Lucy Liu’s and Jonny Lee Miller’s signatures for the Elementary signing.

As always, the line went fast.  I snapped a quick photo and then got my autograph. 
Can I admit to thinking Lucy Liu is cute?
Can I admit to liking her freckles?
Can I admit I irritate my wife to no end when I admit these things?
When I got in front of her I tried not to trip over my tongue but I said something silly like: I love your freckles.  She nodded thank you and I disappeared in the crowd never to see those freckles up close again.

Can I admit my wife is happy I'll never see those feckles again?


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