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Monday, December 3, 2012

SDCC 2009 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the ComicCon – A Tragic Comedy – Part 7 of 8

Part VII – Getting Back to Start

Recap - still alive and saw baseball
In the morning, we checked out and started the drive back to San Diego. I think I ‘planned’ on sleeping in and a leisurely breakfast.  Somehow this plan, like the rest of them, ended up changing.  We both woke way too early and decided to skip breakfast. We were on the road far earlier than the schedule stated.
Ess wanted to take a back way to San Diego. Besides missing the heavy traffic on the freeways it would be more scenic.  After yesterday, I was skeptical about scenic but I agreed.  The drive actually was nice and scenic.  We didn’t even run out of gas on some dark and deserted road with a strange tow truck being our only salvation…
Of course with the early start I got to my ComicCon hotel way too early to check in.  We were both tired. After our adrenaline ride yesterday we were both tired of each other.  We needed our space.   He dropped me off and I checked my suitcase. 

Luckily the hotel is near a strip mall with a movie theater. I saw a movie which was out of focus.  I visited a book store and spent time reading.
After checking in, I got my badge and eagerly/greedily reviewed the program guide.  I rushed back to the hotel and tried not to drool over the contents.  I made notes and readied myself for Preview night.  Of course I napped with visions of sugar plum cosplayers in my dreams, something I rarely do (the napping not the sugar plum visions), and arrived at the convention center much later than expected. I missed the first 1 hour or so of Preview night.
I had other friends I was to meet at SDCC that night. I missed them and had to take a rain check for the next day.
Not really the auspicious start I wanted.  But the last week was not according to Hoyle either.
The next morning I was up early and did what I always do.  I tried to semi sneak into the Sails Pavilion and wait for the lady with the raffle tickets.  Except this year I couldn’t sneak in. 
The raffles are my big ticket item.  It’s for the autograph signings of the movies that get previewed.  It’s the single most important thing for me at SDCC.  I was so distressed; I talked to the security and asked them to let me in. I explained I cared nothing about getting to the expo floor.  I only wanted to get the autograph raffle tickets.  It didn’t work.  I was denied access. I have no idea what autographs I missed that morning.
At this point I was actually mad. I didn’t say anything to security. First, they don’t care. Second, they are only concerned with safety. This was outside of their responsibly.  After they left, I’ll admit to having a hissy fit.  I kicked the wall a few times. I came up with curses that would have made a sailor blush.  I even had a few tears run down my cheeks.  I was frustrated and stressed and emotional lost.
The last week was not the norm. I wanted the same old same old. I was grasping at something to go right and take my mind off the worries of finding a new job or figuring out how to balance our budget.  My idea of safe and boring and routine had been turned upside down.
So there. I admit I cried. A little.
I saw the crowd start to enter the building and I blended in with them. I got in line. My ComicCon had officially started.

To be continued...


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