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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tanya Huff 2008 WorldCon (Denvention) and 2009 SDCC

One of the things that is really cool about WorldCon is that you are exposed to so many authors. While it’s huge for a literacy convention its small compared San Diego ComicCon.
You have the chance to talk to authors and listen to them and with the wide variety of panels; you get them in and out of their comfort zones and get to see them as people instead of ‘authors’.
In 2008 I went to Denvention (in Denver) with a bunch of friends. After spending some time together we quickly went our ways and sat in different panels.  WorldCon usually has lots of panels occurring simultaneously.  There is always a panel to peek your interest.
I attended a panel with Tanya Huff on it.  She was not on my radar. I never heard of her even though she had dozens of books published and a large following.  The panel was about military sci fi and that’s a sub-genre I really enjoy.
She and the other authors talked about their experiences serving in the military. Tanya’s was a little different as she is Canadian and she was in the Canadian Navy. I found her interesting and well-spoken and funny.  She then made a comment I found paradigm shifting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#SDCC 2012 PRE registration (Member ID)

For those that are interested, you need to pre-register before you can purchase admission tickets this year. Pre-registration is open now. Purchasing your tickets will be at a later date.

Here’s the link:

Think of it like registering for college. You need to do that before you can pick your classes.

It’s not hard but it’s slightly confusing.

I would recommend doing it now when you don’t feel the pressure of trying to purchase your tickets

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#SDCC member ID’s 2012

When Nerds Attack blogged about the new Membership ID policy, here. (By the way, a good resource for SDCC info.)  He’s the first one I saw that noticed this info so I wanted to give him props and reiterate.
This year at SDCC, you will need to have a membership ID before you resister for ComicCon.  When Nerds Attack recapped the info very well and if you want to go to the source, go here.
This is all supposition on my part, but I really think they will make the event into a season pass type event. Meaning, if you had tickets last year, you are first to get offered tickets for next year. I know that might seem odd for a one event season but other events do it, the first that comes to mind is the Indy 500.
Having a membership ID would be a first step.  Or not. It’s idle speculation on my part.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s.