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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#SDCC member ID’s 2012

When Nerds Attack blogged about the new Membership ID policy, here. (By the way, a good resource for SDCC info.)  He’s the first one I saw that noticed this info so I wanted to give him props and reiterate.
This year at SDCC, you will need to have a membership ID before you resister for ComicCon.  When Nerds Attack recapped the info very well and if you want to go to the source, go here.
This is all supposition on my part, but I really think they will make the event into a season pass type event. Meaning, if you had tickets last year, you are first to get offered tickets for next year. I know that might seem odd for a one event season but other events do it, the first that comes to mind is the Indy 500.
Having a membership ID would be a first step.  Or not. It’s idle speculation on my part.
Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year’s.


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