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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nicholas Sparks – Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks is a Rock Star. He did something I hadn’t seen before. He got to the signing about 45 minutes early and walked the line and posed for photos.  And he posed for photos.  And more photos as more people crowded around him.  He just continued walking through the through the line.  It didn’t matter if you already got your photo once; he stopped and let your friend take another photo as he smile and nodded.
I was really impressed. This was a no personalization, no photos signing.
People watching was good. Mostly women.  All ages and backgrounds.   Four ladies were in a group near me.  I watched as they frantically thumbed the photos into Facebook and IM’ed all their friends.  I watched as they laughed and then got frustrated as they couldn’t answer the glut of responses they received.
I listened as they dissected Nicholas Spark’s answer about the last time he was in North Carolina.  He told the crowd he just flew in from there. They confidentially told me that was impossible as he spent the night in LA.  I joked about being stalkers and they quickly shut up.  Then 10 seconds later, with guilty grins, they admitted to Facebook stalking
Like I said: Rock Star.
Once he was done walking the line, he sat down and started signing.  He was quick.  He only chatted briefly and for a few. Mostly he signed and smiled.
I told him I thought it was classy to pose for photos with the crowd, he just nodded a thank you and handed me my book.

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