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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tyrese Gibson and Rev Run Manology B&N Northpark

I had no idea what I was getting into when I went to this signing. I know Tyrese Gibson as an actor. I did not realize the Rev Run in attendance was Run of Run DMC.
When I saw the book cover I was thinking this was some tongue cheek book on any tongue in cheek topic.  Okay, no big deal. One of many tongue in cheek books written and promoted every day.  I had not realized the book was really about relationships and possibly even about personal responsibility.
Being the token white and one of the very few males in attendance, it was interesting to watch the women balance their inner desires of seeing Tyrese ‘up close and personal’ and their morale centers with the topic at hand: how to avoid relationships with the wolves/players (guys only wanting sex) in their lives.
The Rev and Tyrese gave some very basic advice. This was the same advice I’m sure they heard their whole lives. The same advice came from Oprah, Dr Phil, and Dr Laura but ‘here and now’ they were interested in protecting themselves and their daughters from these 'men' and also preventing their sons from becoming these 'men'.
While I normally try to avoid Q&A’s and readings, I enjoyed hearing what was said. The two were engaging and dynamic and shared their thoughts freely and selflessly. They spoke in a manner that resonated with the crowd and I’d like to think it would have a lasting effect.
Things went smoothly until the actual signing though. Somehow the karma or maybe the chi of this B&N was off this night. While it was a small crowd, there was more chaos then there should have been.  The 2 police officers were constantly getting people to 'move along'.  The plain clothed bodyguard(At least I think he was a body guard) was extremely polite and skilled with the public. It was a treat to see him work through the crowd explaining why someone could not stop in the middle of a line and take their photo. He had talent and grace.
I got my book signed while someone complained their book was taken.  The police officer addressed the crowd and asked who had the book. A surreal comment if you think about it.  Tyrese just pointed to a book on the table and said to take that one.  She said that wasn’t her book.  He smiled and said succinctly: It’s a book. It’s signed. What else do you want?
Can I admit I laughed?  I wasn't very loud.
The lady was about to say something but all eyes were on her and she took the offered book and left.
It wasn’t said meanly.  Tyrese politely de-escalated a situation.  
He handed me my book and I left.


  1. I'd be very curious to see a video of this whole event.

  2. Did he sign outside items... I would loved to have added him to my Fast & Furious DVD

  3. Daniel – It wasn’t like a rock concert where everyone is trying to rush the stage and get a back stage pass. It was unorganized and messy. Not because of the bookstore. They do several signings a month.

    Big Anthony – I didn’t see anyone with outside items. The books store mentioned several times before the signing that no outside items would be signed. This was not a crowd of collectors. It was a crowd of fans so they weren’t even in that mindset. I rarely bring outside items to a book signing so I don’t know if you could have gotten something signed.

    1. Sounds like a bit of a madhouse man, kudos to you for surviving.