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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adrian Paul SDCC 2012

I’ve been hesitating writing this one for a while.
Because a friend asked me to get him this autograph.  You know me. I willingly get signatures for others.  This issue came from the fact I got mine before the friend asked and then I didn’t have time afterwards to pick up one for him.
I’ve wanted Adrian Paul for a while. I never really watched the Highlander TV series but I love the character. I knew at some point I would get him as he does travel the convention circuit albeit not often.
SDCC was my chance.  With 15 or so people in line, I joined them.  This has been a common occurrence for me lately.  Slow lines that creep along with the tick tock of the second hand pounding in my ears.  At SDCC, I’m constantly moving.  My day is booked and I squeeze in these signings in as I travel from one location to another.
The guy in front of me was very excited.  He told me about his wife and how the autograph was for her.  Okay.  No big deal.  When my chatty ‘friend’ got to the front he mentioned that this was for the wife. Adrian smiled and asked what her name was.
My ‘friend’ wasn’t done.  He went on to explain how his wife would gladly cheat on him with Adrian Paul.  Okay. I’m sure he heard that before. Then my ‘friend’ explained that would be okay with him. Adrian’s smile never faltered.
The ‘friend’ went into more detail that the wife would want a divorce first so not to do something untoward.  After all, they do have children.  Now Adrian’s smile turned to a laugh. Adrian’s handler laughed and I’m trying hard not to laugh either.
Way too much thought has gone into this.
Adrian got the wife’s name and wrote on the photo:  There can be only one. Your husband’s the one!
Something very clever and unique and personal.  It showed the humor and wit of Paul.



  1. I love, love, love him. I watch the same highlander shows over and over

  2. Anonymous contd... He is the epitome of a perfect man. Tall, dark handsome, gorgeous, (his character) a hero, will lay down his life to save you, always victorious, simply, love, love him...mmmm...sooo hottttt!!!!