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Monday, April 1, 2013

Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk Dallas Fan Days 2012

I never thought, 2 years ago when I got Morena Baccarin’s autograph at a Dallas show, I would be so close to completing my Firefly cast collection.
The local promoters have brought to town just about everyone associated with the show.  A few months back, I was able to pick up both Gina Torres and Alan Tudyk.  Both actors had very long lines and very excited fans.  More than once I decided the line was too long and I would come back later.
Gina’s line actually went quicker. She chatted briefly but the fans weren’t drawn to her like Alan.
His fans needed to tell him everything. And they did tell him everything.  And he listened. His eyes never glazed or rolled.  Even after the fan left and in promptly walked back. He just sat and smiled and listened.
Since the line moved so slowly I got to hear a lot. It was basically the same thing over and other.  People talked to him about either Firefly or Tucker and Dale Versus Evil.  A few people even asked him about school since he has local connections.
I really wanted to him how much I enjoyed A Knight’s Tale. It’s a romantic comedy that the wife and I will often stop down and watch.  I figured it would be a different topic. Some form his early days of acting.
As I walked up, he turned and smiled and said hi. I handed over my photo and then Gina joined him. They talked about missing the previous show where more Firefly alums showed up. They even asked me if I knew what show Jewel was working on because they couldn’t remember the name.
The chatted for a moment longer and then Alan signed my photo and I left.

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