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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Patricia Quinn Texas Frightmare Weekend 2013

Everyone knows Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was exposed to that bit of chaos while in high school by my best friend.  It was after the 4th or 5th viewing (and the audience participation) that I figured out I actually liked the movie and not just enjoying the crowds shouting things, or throwing things, or shadow casting/acting.

I met Patricia Quinn the night before I got her autograph at Texas Frighmare. I was busy minding my own business when I noticed her. She was hard to miss with her leather outfit.  A fan with a very nice camera stopped her to have her pose for a photo.  She willingly obliged but she wanted fan in the photo too.

Before I knew it, a heavily accent feminine voice ask me for a favor. I turned and she had already taken the camera out the fans hand and handed it to me. Then she asked him where he wanted her.  He pointed to a wall; she quickly vetoed that as it looked like an ‘advert’.

Then I vaguely remember something about like ‘How ‘bout ‘ere love?’ the fan just nodded. He knew he really had no control over the situation. He was just a passenger in this motor-car.

I took the camera and snapped a couple of quick photos.  I was thanked and they moved on their way.

The next morning I stood in a short line and got her to sign. Again she was hard to nice and wearing leather. She had the same energy and presence as the night before. 


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