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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sam Huntington ComicPalooza 2013

I got Sam Huntington’s autograph because I had already gotten the other 2 cast members from Being Human. So I needed to complete the set.

When I got the front of the table I saw photos from the movie Fanboys.  I had forgotten he was in that. Again - it helps to be prepared when you are getting autographs. While not the greatest movie, it’s fun and something that has a story of its own.  

We talked about Fanboys more than anything else; the trials and tribulations of making it and finally getting it screened.   The wife and I had seen a short preview at her first SDCC and it looked like a funny movie.  Then the movie just disappeared. A few years a later I heard it was coming out.  Then after a few more years, I saw some of the cast at another SDCC talking about it finally getting the last details settle to screen it. It took 5 years to finally get it shown.

It was nice to get an autograph and talk SDCC and the Fanboys movie.


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