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Friday, September 27, 2013

So what’s the deal with…Jerry Seinfeld 6/8/13 Winspear Opera House

I got lost finding the Winspear Opera House.  It didn’t matter. I found out Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t sign before the show anyway.

I waited until after to show to get lost again as I tried to find the sweet spot at the venue to get my photo signed.  A fellow hound helped me by tweeting me with some details on the location.

I got there.  I didn’t need to wait long before Jerry came out.  He signed for everyone.  Maybe 15 of us had waited.  He quickly put pen to photo.

Since I always wear a UofA shirt, I pointed to the logo and said I went to the UofA too as he stopped in front of me.  He nodded and moved on.  Since it was a total non sequitur, it bounced off him and landed on the sidewalk. The statement flapped its broken wings twice and coo’ed quietly before finally being declared dead.

Okay, that did not go according to Hoyle. Even the opening line died but I did get an auto.  And I probably won’t get lost next time.


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