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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

M L Brennan LoneStarCon 3

I saw this book on the self and thought it was interesting.  When I saw that M L Brennan was going to attend WorldCon, I went and bought the book.

She was in a panel with Alastair Reynolds.  She is young.  She is a young author as this is her first book but has another coming soon.  While she seemed slightly amused she was on a WorldCon panel she contributed to the discussion.

I showed up for her signing. I might have been the first to come to the table.  She had a small stack of books with her.  She greeted me a big smile and offered me a free book. I showed her I already had a copy and I got a bigger smile.

As we chatted, she mentioned this was her first WorldCon, either as a panelist or an attendee. She had gone to some local conventions to see what it was like. She was really enjoying the whole event and trying to absorb everything.

She signed and I left.


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