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Monday, November 18, 2013

Kim Stanley Robinson B&N 2013

The very first WorldCon I attended, I heard about Kim Stanley Robinson. His Mars series was all the buzz then.  At the time, I was clueless about him and didn’t want to pursue his autograph.  After that WorldCon, I read the books and realized I wasted an opportunity.

So this time, at WorldCon 2013, which was back in San Antonio where I first attended WorldCon, I got the chance to get him to sign his Mars books.  I wasn’t about to waste the chance.

I stood in line about 30 minutes.  He signed.  I told him about my first WorldCon and not knowing better.   He smiled.  I told him I was looking forward to seeing in him Dallas in just a few days.  He smiled again.

A few days later he was at the B&N in Dallas.  The crowd was light. I sat through the reading of his new book, Shaman.  He answered a few questions and then signing began.

Again I waited about 30 minutes.  I mentioned I saw him at WorldCon.  He smiled.  He asked if I enjoyed hearing a different passage read this time. I admitted I didn’t get to see him in any panels.  He smiled.

I picked up my book and left. 

When I got home, Kae, the wife asked about the signing.  It was the usually innocuous questions: Who, what, where, when.  She remembered the name.   She asked if I got his signature at WorldCon.  I smiled. I confirmed I did.  She then repeated my rule of not getting the same person twice.  Chagrined, I admitted that didn’t always apply to sci fi authors.  She smiled. 

The silence wasn’t deafening but something had to be said…Hi, I’m AH, and I collect Autographs…  Dutifully, she said: Hi AH…

AH – collecting is my drug of choice

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