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Monday, November 4, 2013

Norman Spinrad LoneStarCon 3

I was really excited that LoneStarCon 3 won the bid to host WorldCon. I was more excited to see that Norman Spinrad was the Guest of Honor.  Based on those 2 things, I was pretty sure I was attending the convention, even only for a day or two.

I’ve gotten his signature before but I ran across something I thought would be very cool to get signed; an old Star Trek script of Doomsday Machine.  It’s one of my favorite episodes and has some really great lines to quote.  Don’t worry, I won’t quote them now.  The wife would never forgive me for punishing you with quips like: Vulcans never bluff.  (Sorry, I HAD to say just one.  Please don’t tell her I did that.)

I bought the script as child. I had it for decades. It was buried in a box of odds and ends and then forgotten.  As I was cleaning out a closet so some friends could visit, I found the script. I put it aside so I won’t lose it. And as is often the case, I lost it.

Plan A was out the window of getting the script signed.  Sigh.

I did have a very old beaten up paperback novel of his. I bought it from a used book store that was down the street of my hometown.  I would visit the bookstore once a week or so and buy old sci fi novels.  Some of the books were great. Some of them I never understood. One of the books I never understood was Agents of Chaos by Norman Spinrad.

I have read the book a few times as I grew up. I thought as I matured and learned more about the world, something would click. It never did.

But I still had that very old beat up copy and it wasn’t lost.

When I handed over the book, Norman paused, showed it to his wife(?).  He said something and I had to lean very close to her. He said it was the 3rd cover for the book (I could have that wrong).  He flipped it open.  Then pointed to the price and laughed.  The cover price was $1.50.

He signed it and I made him laugh.  Pretty cool.


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