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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Jon Heder Dallas fan Days 2013

So I asked Jon Heder to sign a Napoleon Dynamite photo.  It’s a movie I never got.  I’ve given it several chances to impress me but I just sat there at the end and tried to wave away all of the question marks that floated over my head.  But then people don’t get Big Trouble in Little China or Buckaroo Banzai which I absolutely love.

 I can only blame myself for getting this photo signed. I was lazy. I should have found a photo on line that I liked from Brenchwarmers; a movie I think is much funnier than Napoleon.

Jon was friendly and was willing to chat with everyone. I never got the impression he was rushing anyone.  He did seem slightly confused about John Barrowman.  I don’t think he knew who or what John Barrowman was. Which is very possible as Barrowman's more or less a Brit actor and I’m sure they do not run in the same circles.

As I got my autograph Barrowman made an appearance. The crowd went crazy.  Heder turned to Michael Rosenbaum and asked ‘what was up with that?’  I tried to interject over the crowd noise it was a ‘Dr Who thing’ but I don’t think I was heard.

I picked up I photo and nodded my thanks and left.



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