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Monday, December 9, 2013

#PawnStars Choctaw 2013

This was a heavily advertised event for the casino.  Since I didn’t see them at their pawn shop in Vegas last year, I was kinda excited that the cast of Pawn Stars was going to be in town.

My wife and I got there early.  Even though we were 4 hours early, there were about 20 people in line.  While I might have normally joined the line then, this casino had a poker room and it was calling my name.  The slots were calling my wife’s name. So I went to play poker and Kae agreed to play slots and to keep an eye on the line.

About an hour later, I got a text that Kae joined the line. After another hour I stopped playing poker and joined her in the line.  Then I let her play some more slot machines.  Even just a couple of hours before the signing, the line had gotten quit long.

The Pawn Star cast arrived early.  All four walked in together. Chumlee, the Old Man, Rick, and Corey walked past the line with a subdued applause.  People just didn’t expect to see them.  Once the signing began, the line moved slowly with starts and stops. 

After the wife rejoined me, and a long wait, we finally got close to the signing table.  All the cast members were seated and a photographer was taking photos. Personal photos or cameras were not allowed. In fact, you didn’t walk to the front of the table, you walked behind them.  They had an assembly line going for the signing and the photos. They signed. You walked to the mark. You stopped. The photographer said, smile. The cast looked up (hopefully) and a flash went off. You continued walking and were handed a signed photo from the stack at the end of the table. They started signing again.

No fuss, no muss. But no interaction.

Luckily the wife was in the photo; otherwise there is no reason to look at a picture of five overweight guys.


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