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Monday, March 10, 2014

Aaron Douglas Sci Fi Expo 2014

I’ve been to several conventions that Aaron Douglas attended.  The first time I saw him was at All-Con a few years back.  At that show, he was always moving from one panel to another.  I never got his autograph.

He’s extremely outgoing and amusing and personal.  He’s a fan favorite and he seems to charm everyone. He was in one panel at that show, that all he had to do was stick his hand and someone would put a beer in it. There was no denying it was shtick and it brought smiles to the crowd every time he did it.

At Si Fi Expo, the signing was more organized and getting an autograph was easier. When I finally ended up in front of him, I told him I missed my opportunity at All-Con. He smiled, leaned back, and said he really enjoyed that show.   It was one of his favorites.  He quickly added he enjoyed this convention too. But we both knew it was a different type of show and crowd.  At All-Con he was the star of the whole weekend.  Panels revolved around him.  Here he was another guest among the many.

As I waited in various lines, I overheard that his panel at Sci Fi Expo went over well.  He’s still as entertaining as ever and still charming crowds.


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