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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jesse Rath Sci Fi Expo 2014

Next up was Jesse Rath. I only know him from Defiance. He plays the son.  Apparently he’s done a few things without all of the makeup and has a nice following of fangirls.

TMZ alert!  One of those fan girls seemed to be Allison Scagliotti who sat next to him for a while and whispered in his ear.  She had one hand wrapped around his bicep as they spoke.  End of TMZ  alert! 

I really doubt that was a secret.

For some reason I blathered.  I doubt his charm did it to me.  I asked about the makeup for his character and acne.  Being a long time acne sufferer, I asked if he did anything special for his skin.  He only said the makeup was a beating over time and the breaks in filming were a time of recovery.

I took my photo and left.

The next morning I was back the in the autograph area and noticed a fan girl kissing the poster behind him. She left a nice amount of lipstick on his photo his face.  As I looked loser I could see several lip prints on the poster.

Then Jamie Murray got up and moved to the poster.  She paused and gave a glance to Allison.  Then Jamie kissed the forehead on the poster… a motherly kiss.

Some of the silliness that occurs at a convention.


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