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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Akira Takarada #DCC 2014

I’ve mentioned before I have a soft spot for Japanese actors. I’ll place them high on my ‘want list’ and desperately try to show off the few phrases of Japanese I know. I don’t know much. I speak it with a horrible Jersey/Texas accent.  I can parrot a few ‘useful’ sentences and that is all.  I have no clue what they are saying back to me.  But I’m compelled to dust off those brain cells and repeat my performance every time.

Wash rinse repeat…with Akira Takarada.

I enjoyed the first Godzilla movie the most. The others that I saw on TV seemed like caricatures; although I did like Mothra.

With the new Godzila movie coming out, Dallas ComicCon brought in an actor from the original movie.  He was tall. He spoke English very well but did have a translator.  He wore a jacket and tie. He was formal yet friendly.

He signed anything people brought. He seemed interested and chatted and posed with everyone. He was very good about getting the object he signed placed prominently in the photo.

As I introduced myself in Japanese, he beamed and bowed a second time and a little lower. He replied and I just nodded - a quasi bow.  He told me I spoke very well. I don’t speak ‘well’ so much as I speak ‘formally’.  In English I would be saying something like: How are you this fine day? Instead of ‘hi’.  Hopefully, I’m pulling it off without saying something like: Die scum, die!

I beamed afterwards from his kinds words about my attempt.  The attempt to say something, anything in the native language I think is important. I’ll admit to bashfulness at times and I’ll be mute. so I don't always practice what I preach.


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