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Friday, June 13, 2014

Tobin Bell – the marathon line - #TFW

With the popularity of Photo Ops and panels, the celebs spend a lot of time away from their tables. Tack on a few bio breaks and you need to pan on a picnic. Lately, I’ve experienced some mega long waits.

Of course, Tobin Bell would have a large draw at Texas Frightmare Weekend. Not only is he center of attention in a horror franchise, he’s the enigma in a very good series of horror movies.   Tobin was one of these marathon waits.

The ugly of it, I spent about 5 hours waiting for the photo you see signed.  The prettier side of the wait is the people I met while waiting and the experience with Tobin himself.

The line moved slowly.  It was wrapped through 2 separate rooms. So while waiting in the first room, you were clueless about the amount of people in the other room. Luckier I did have some interesting people around me.

Line buddies are part of the convention fun.  When Tobin need to disappear for a couple of hours (photo op, lunch, etc), the people around me helped me take a lunch break and make a quick dash on the expo floor. And I of course saved their spot in line while they did the same.

The lady in front of me had a young one; maybe 6 or 7. When we finally got to the front of the line, the small boy amused himself by starting to right the alphabet on some scrap paper. Tobin Bell took an interest.  He chatted with the boy for a few minutes. Noted the lad missed a letter and basically gave the kid homework that he needed to finish it later.  Then he signed the scrap of paper for the kid and told me the next time they meet, he wants the alphabet finished.
It was quirky. It was amusing. It was very friendly.
He spent time with everyone. He answered questions on any topic (including his naked corpse In one movie and if certain body parts were 'life sized'. He neither confirmed nor denied.)  He held court but in way to let the fans knew he appreciated them waiting. this was not  a cattle call event.

At the end of that uber wait, I hustled out of there. It was good to walk and see new faces.


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  1. Some lines are remembered, at least we had good company!