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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lara Parker #SDCC 2014

Have I told this before?

As a kid, my Mom watched Dark Shadows.  I was young enough to need a nap. I was old enough to refuse a nap.  As with any kid, it was the battle of sleeping and resting and just being quiet so Mom could do something.  That something was down time and maybe a chance to watch a little TV uninterrupted. 

Since it was probably too late in the day to nap anyway, I usually didn’t sleep. I do remember various shows on the TV. And with the enthrallment of TV, I would sneak out of the room and sit in the hallway passively watching what was showing. The show might be Julia Child, the Galloping Gourmet, or Dark Shadows.  And which one made was my favorite?

Sometimes Mom got up and chased me back to bed, other times I saw most of a show. None of it made sense but it was intriguing. The opening music and the castle on the cliff made a lasting impression. The fleeting memories are the stuff of dreams but I it still is a part of me after almost 45 years.

This year, at the Hermes Booth as SDCC, Lara Parker was signing her book and photos.  As much as I love signed books, I opted for a photo.  As some reminiscences with Lara, she wanted to thank my mom for watching. And she wanted me to say ‘hello’.

Mom Lara Parker, Angelique of Dark Shadows, says hello.


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