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Monday, October 20, 2014

Candy Clark Summer 2014 – car show NY

My dad and I were talking and he slipped in a question about the top loaders I use for my autographs.  He did it slyly and hid his intent well. However, I grew up with this man and know some of his Jedi tricks.

This is the man that bought 2 Rubic Cubes when we thought he bought one. For months, he had the family amazed that he could solve it.  In reality, he just swapped out the disorganized one with the one that was untouched when we weren’t looking.

In time I’ll tell other tales, but a casual question may not be as casual as you think.  The conversation ended with me sending some top loaders, you know, ‘in case’ the need arises.

Not long after I sent my package, I get a package back from him. Inside was an autographed photo from Candy Clark of America Graffiti fame.

Dad goes to a lot to car shows. Not like the autoramas we have that tours the convention centers. These are shows of personal cars covering acres and acres of open fields. The cars are organized and the owners hang out with pride. They have travel from far and wide to spend a weekend talking to fellow enthusiasts.

At a show in New York, dad ever thoughtful, noticed Candy and went on over. He talked to her about my collection and got an autograph for me. He liked her and said she was friendly.

Thanks dad!


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