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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pat Priest Munster Mansion 2014

Something I had not known about for the last 10 years is Munster Mansion. A lady in Waxahachie has built a house to resemble the memorable abode for the TV series, The Munsters.  For one weekend a year, you can tour the house and the money goes to a charity.  Fair warning, it’s an extremely long wait to get inside.  It is amazing and while you may have your doubts about waiting, you do not question yourself afterward.

Along with the tour are several activities for the young and old. The event that caused a couple of hounds and me to drive all the way out there was Pat Priest, the blond, normal one from the TV series.

While I was only the 5th person in line, I waited close to 45 minutes to get my autograph. She was extremely personable and outgoing. With every intention of saying nothing to her so I could get in and out quickly, I found myself chatting and spending more time than I planned.

She told me was living in Idaho and how the weather in Texas is so unpredictable. She had been to the Munster Mansion wearing furs and long johns and other times desperately wanting air conditioning.  She brought a nice assortment of photos and was willing to sign other items and more than willing to pose for photos.



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