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Monday, January 26, 2015

Margo Apostolos and Michael Quinn - Madness Games and Comic Jan 2015

I don’t often read comic books or graphic novels so I don’t often go to Comic book stores.  The ones I have been in are small and overcrowded.  Think of the ComicBook store in Big Bang Theory but smaller, cramp, and dark.

So I was surprised how large and airy Madness Games and Comics in Plano was.  It was the size of a grocery store in a strip mall. The shelves were not overcrowded. Product was front faced (the cover was facing forward and not the spine so you could see the artwork). There was lots of staff walking around helping people.

So what brought to this Nerd Mecca? The store was having a signing with two admittedly minor Star Wars characters. The signing coincided with the release of Star Wars 001 from Marvel.  This is the first issue that Marvel had since they lost the license to Dark Horse.

My fellow hound, Gambit, and I made an appearance.  We got Margo Apostolos and Michael Quinn to sign some 8x10s and the comic book itself. Both actors were very nice and outgoing. Michael was far more outgoing and chatted with everyone about anything.  Gambit and Michael talked about the move Dark Crustal for several minutes.

After the signing, we walked the store. I got a crash course on gaming, comics, and action figures. I also learned about was popular and hip I the comic book. It was great  way to spend a few hours.


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