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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sunday recap #SDCC 2014

Sunday did not start as early as the previous days. We still didn’t have any luck with WB. We got our ‘makeup’ signing from the Fox booth. But getting any other raffles was a miss.

 Sunday morning I did end up climbing a lot (and I mean a lot) of stairs. I was in one line and then left to join another. The issue was the volunteers not letting me go the road less traveled. It was a long roundabout path and I swear I did 10 flights of stairs.  As I huffed and puffed, one volunteer did take a few minutes to listen to me gasp out my ‘story’ and let me pass. This prevented me from having to go back down those 10 flights and walk around to the front of the convention center.

Of course, the highlights from Sunday were The Strain and The Following autographs. However, I did take some time to visit an acquaintance Gini Koch.  We had twitted each other.  I knew she was going to be at SDCC. And she knew I was going to be at SDCC. She told me (more like a friendly order) to drop by.   

Sunday was my last chance to see the lady with the pink cowboy hat.  I got there as she was chatting with some other friends. I hung out a few feet out of her sight. As she finished talking with the various friends, she turned. She saw me and pulled me in for a hug.  I even think she mentioned I wasn’t all sweaty this time.  I laughed.

My wife was held my backpack and was a little further down the aisle. At ComicCon, it’s just too busy to have a couple of people just standing. It creates too big of a traffic jam.  Gini and the wife did wave at each other.

Gini talked about how chaotic SDCC was. My friends and I were still feeling the sting of the WB mess.  When Gini started lobbying for me to attend Phoenix ComicCon I listened.  It does sound like a fun show. The wife has good friends near Phoenix and we both love AZ. Who knows, maybe Phoenix ComicCon is on the horizon.

As always, talking with Gini was fun and another highlight of the day.

Much later on Sunday, the wife and I along with my 2 SDCC buddies, met for dinner with 2 other SDCC buddies. They hadn’t attended the last couple of years but they live close and agreed to meet. The six of we spent a great evening eating and chatting and swapping stories.  I truly hope we all get to meet again next year.


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