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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ranger Fan Fest Arlington, TX 2015

Ahhh, Ranger Winter Fan fest. The event where you spend hours outside in the cold and on the hard concrete to then be allowed inside the stadium to wait hours in the cold and on the hard concrete.

Well, it’s not so bad in the stadium. Less wind and you are moving around and the signing areas are somewhat climate controlled.

There is no doubting Fan Fest has changed a lot over the decades. And if I was 10 years young I would have gotten much more. But for a semi full day and with my slow gait and learning curve (I haven’t been in a few years), I’m happy with my success.

I only got 3 baseballs signed.  I got 5 players to sign some cards. I got home in time to enjoy my Saturday afternoon.

The following players signed balls:

I got the father and son Bacsiks to sign on ball. I thought it interesting. Both had some time with the Rangers.


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