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Friday, April 3, 2015

Daniel Dae Kim

I had to wait twice for Daniel Dae Kim. The first time, he needed to leave for a photo op. It happens.  Conventions are busy places for celebrities. They have scheduled time at their tables of signings. Then scheduled times for photo ops. Then scheduled times for panels that they need to attend.

 When we were finally face to face, I barely said hello before he asked me about the UofA. Yes, I was wearing a UofA shirt. Puzzled that he knew the logo, I asked if he went there. He said no but he was a sports fan. While I don’t know how big of a sports fan he was, he knew more than me about the UofA.

I congratulated him on working 10 years in Hawaii. He smiled. He knew most were not so lucky to work in paradise that long.

After he signed, he handed over the photo. Then he took it back.  He asked ’Lost’ or ‘5’?  not knowing what he meant, I said Lost. He then scribbled something.  I thanked him and walked off. I looked at the scribble and couldn’t figure it out.

Later, I told the wife about it. She glanced at the photo and gave me an exasperated look. She said he wrote ‘Jin’, his character name. D’oh!  


Walker Stalker Con Dallas 3/14/15

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