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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Brad Dourif Texas Frightmare 2015

I really wish I had a better photo for Brad Dourif.  And while I have a love/hate relationship with the movie Dune, this was the best photo he had at his table.

As he signed for me, I mentioned how much I enjoyed the series Deadwood.  I said I loved the dialogue.  He handed me the photo and said the dialogue was a pain in the ‘***’ to work with but it was an important part of the show.

I left a happy campy.
An aside…As I was waiting in someone else’s line, I saw Brad step out from this table and stop one of the volunteers.  He then signed the back of their shirt.  I actually saw him do that 2 other times.  I asked the volunteer and about it. I was told he was doing it for all of the volunteers as a ‘thank you’. 

Very classy.


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