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Friday, July 31, 2015

Henry Winkler ComicPalooza 2015

As silly as it may seem, the Fonz was very high on my priority list at ComicPalooza.  I had seen that he was making the convention rounds but not doing every show in every city.  While I was already going to Houston for this show, this was some icing on top.

While his line wasn’t long, it was constant over the 2 days I was at the show.  Lots of other people were just like me, they watched Henry Winkler for 10 years and now wanted to say hello and get an autograph. Many were also sharing a memory.  Henry Winkler was gracious and caring and listened.

He never hid behind the signing table. He stayed in front of it and greeted people.  He didn’t rush people.  As one family perused his photos, he saw that it was going to take some time so he walked down the line saying hello to people and thanked them for their patience.  Someone had a service dog and he started a conversation with them.

When he signed for me, he mentioned he used a paint pen and not a sharpie.  He was making sure I knew the signature would take longer to dry.  He also offered some covers for the photos if I needed one.  

It was very cool to meet him and even better that he seemed so fan friendly.


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