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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Jeremy Renner ComicPalooza 2015

Even though I was going to ComicPalooza, there was a big guest that caused a lot of excitement and increased my desires.   When JeremyRenner and his price for auto was announced, everyone had an opinion.  Most of the comments were that the cost was too high. There is no doubt it was way more than most autographs.  It’s a very rare signing and opportunity.  Obviously, I pulled the trigger and got a signature.

He was only scheduled for Saturday.  Renner had 2 signings scheduled for that day.  If you missed him, you were out of luck.

When he cancelled the morning signing and went to straight to the photo ops, you could feel the anxiety in the autograph area. There were a lot of people already lined up when he cancelled. Just because you bought a ticket or were in line, doesn’t mean you will get your autograph.

While it rarely happens now at paid signings, I can remember 30 years ago a ball player getting up after 20 minutes and saying no more.  He was scheduled for a couple of hours and had a long line of unhappy fans. Memories like those aren’t easily forgotten. They come rushing back as you hear about Renner skipping the morning signing.  You tend to fret over the possibility of failure.

Because of those memories, I got in line very early for the second signing.  Even then, I was about 200 people back.  It was going to be a long wait.

When Jeremy Renner did show, he was all smiles. He was friendly tried to exchange a few words with everyone.  He even took someone’s phone and talked for a moment. The line moved.  About 90 minutes later I was done. I got my photo signed and I was ready to get off of my feet.



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